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We’re committed to helping BC residents get to a greener and cleaner future. We help people make their homes more energy efficient.

Solar Panels

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Electrical Panels

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Solar Panel Rebates and Incentives

They say that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now. That saying couldn’t be more true for solar panel installation, at this time, thanks to available incentives and energy savings.

greender homes initiative

$5000 in Government Rebates

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is helping people retrofit their homes with energy saving installations and appliances. Take advantage of generous grant before it's gone!

0% financing of up to $40000

The government is offering 10 year loans on major retrofits that help reduce your energy usage. This can apply to various appliances or even solar panels!

Hedge against increasing electricity costs

The price of electricity has gone up, and it's only expected to increase in the future. Making your own energy is a smart way to offset your future energy costs!

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Electrical systems for greener homes

We help people find ways to make their homes greener by providing energy efficient, 0 carbon emission systems.

More people are switching to future-friendly energy solutions like solar panels, electric vehicles, and heaters. 

Milani helps our customers make the change by providing expert installation of future friendly products and electrical systems

Lighting Design

Security System Installation

Lighting Design

Residential Electrical Repair

  • A/C & Heating Circuits Wiring
  • Lighting Installation
  • Appliance Installation & Trouble Shooting
  • New Circuits
  • Ceiling Fan/Light Installation
  • New Outlets and Switches
  • Electrical Relocation
  • Panel Change Outs
  • GFCI Outlets
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Landscape & Security Lighting
  • Smoke Detector Replacement
  • Light Fixture Replacement
  • Tripping Breakers
  • Lightning Protection Installation
  • Upgrade to Existing Electrical Systems
  • Emergency Lights and Exit Signs
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