The Milani Electric team is experienced with lighting control and automation, in both indoor and outdoor settings. From pot light installations to landscape and security lighting, our team are ready to help you with retro-fit and LED lighting to give your home or office the brightness and warmth it needs.

Indoor Lighting

Whether you are completing a minor or major renovation in your home or office, our electricians have the expertise to ensure you get the perfect lighting system and design. Alongside providing the installation for your new lighting system, our experts will provide guidance on the suitable design and style of lighting you need for your space.

Landscape Lighting

Milani Electric provides a full range of services for outdoor lighting, including landscape and security lighting. With landscape lighting, you can add the finishing touches to your outdoor area with accent lighting or highlighting key areas. By setting it up with sensors and timers, this also ensures you don’t have to worry about turning on these lights but can instead fully enjoy the ambiance created by your outdoor lights.

Security Lighting

If you’re concerned about security in your home or business, let us help! We can set up proper lighting and wiring for security cameras, sensors and any other security accessories.

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