Loans up to $40,000 interest free

on a new Solar panel system as part of the Canada Greener Homes Loans. Contact us and find out how you can take advantage of this offer and other grants and rebates to fund your Green Energy system.

Solar Cell Installation in Vancouver

Let Milani take care of your solar panel installations. We do installation, connection, and we’ll take care of municipal permits as well! Take advantage of solar power like never before. Vancouver homes and businesses can get ready for the future with 0 emission electrical generation. 


More and more homeowners want independence from our current electrical grid. Future proof your home and reduce your electric bills!


We have years of experience for custom system installations for the commercial property owner, industrial facility manager, solar farm, or homeowner with a business on their property.

Save On Your Energy Bill

Supplementing your home or business with a solar cell array will reduce the amount of energy needed from the grid.

Go Green

Take advantage of the our greatest source of energy, the Sun! Generate power with no emissions and no water usage!


Get rebates on solar panel installation and save. Take advantage of government grants with a professional installation by Milani!

Facts about solar panels in BC

  • Residents pay a high electricity rate which helps reduce the payback period of solar panels in BC
  • BC homeowners pay ~$0.095/kWh for the fist 1,350kWh per 2-month billing period and $$0.14/kWh for every kWh above that threshold (this is to incentivize you to use less energy)
  • Average BC home uses approximately 11,000kWh/yr

How solar energy works in BC

  • Energy is used by your home first which offsets your electricity buy rate – $0.0945/kWh or $0.1417/kWh. If you generate your own energy, you are now saving money by not importing electricity.
  • If more energy is needed than the solar panels can supply, you will draw from the grid as you currently do. This process is fully automatic and there is no delay.
  • If excess energy is created, it is sold back to BC Hydro for a kWh credit on your next billing cycle. This allows you to generate money by exporting solar electricity.
  • At night, you will draw electricity from the grid as you currently do.

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